More People More Pollution:Bill Burr

Overpopulation and pollution problems get some comedy relief from Bill Burr as he wastes nor minces any words about their obvious connections.

Sometimes you just have to skip all the formalities and let the comedians go at it! 

BE WARNED: not for people concerned about the F-word or decorum issues.


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Jobs and Excess Labor

 One Job Away From Being Unemployed

To begin with, let all the employed not forget the disturbing images of the homeless and destitute here and abroad roaming the urban backwaters searching for a place to eat, sleep and survive.

With that in mind, one can only wonder at the absurdity of an ever-growing labor pool competing for a finite or diminishing amount of employment opportunities. 

Declining Wages and Excess Labor

  • The current recession, and even the current decade  has shown that wages for both skilled and unskilled labor has and will continue to spiral downward because of an over abundance of labor 
  • Legal and illegal immigration in this country and high birthrates combined with great migrations from the agrarian countryside to industrial urban centers around the world have led to destabilized economies
  • If that is not bad enough, consider the quandary of this government and others in generating and creating opportunities for its excess labor resources, especially in states and countries least able to afford and implement such expenditures
  • The Underground or Shadow Economies will surely flourish without employment planning

A Common Goal For Market Economies

  • A prerequisite for any market economy should be a cohesive relationship between employers, employees and their communities
  • That will not  happen without determined prior planning and substantial injections of both private and public financial resources
  • That planning must insure overall populations that remain small, stable and educated
  • With wages and salaries that reflect the inherent and equal value of every individual, whether owner, management or labor
  • All would share to some extent in both profits or losses  

Communities and governments must be willing and able to use public monies and regulation to create education and training facilities.   

Together education and training can nurture and reinforce limiting populations, stabilizing the supply of labor and therefore maintaining higher wages and salaries, so every potential employee can fairly compete for a living-wage position.

Labor To Be Considered a Public Good

By changing attitudes towards labor and viewing jobs as a public good, to be protected and esteemed rather than just another tool in the chain of production, businesses, companies and corporations will begin to see dramatically increased output and profits. 

That is a great benefit not only for employees, but also employers, communities and society as a whole.    


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Forget A Growth Economy

  • The time has come to seriously reevaluate our continuing dependence on the idea of an ongoing growth economy 
  • It has simply outlived and lost its relevancy and usefulness  
  • Most importantly, it has failed miserably to grow the world and the United States out of poverty and misery 

Who Actually Benefits From a Growth Economy

It is clear that Africa, Asia, South America, parts of Eastern Europe and even Central America and Mexico continue to fester in third world conditions, struggling to feed their millions or billions, while a lucky and privileged minority live in middle or upper class conditions.

Too Many People Chasing Too Few Resources

  • Because of continually growing populations that are even accelerating their rates of growth in some areas, the world is in a race to control finitely limited and already deeply depleted resources
  • It is a simple math problem: too many people chasing after, and in a deadly competition for, rapidly depleting resources
  • Every military conflict in the 20th and 21st centuries did, does now, and will in the future reflect that telling circumstance

The Fallacy of GDP and Three Percent

You can play with all the GDP and three percent growth figures you want, but in the end they only reflect more distribution of goods to a relatively small group of people compared to total populations.

And no matter how much the privileged in this world justify and try to protect what a growth economy has in many cases unfairly provided them, the fact remains that the ever increasing have-nots in this country and the rest of the world will continue to be further indentured by any economy based on increasing GDP’s for the more fortunate economic classes combined with spiraling population growth.  

That model will continue to manipulate and exploit the less fortunate, rather than free them.     


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