America’s Declining Representation


Photo Credit: Michael Elliot


First, 50 States in 1960 and a Population of 160 Million

  • Do the calculation of 100 senators plus 435 house members for a total of 535 representatives
  • Then divide those total representatives into 160 million
  • That is an approximate average of one representative in Congress for every 299,000 people  
  • That is quite a few people to be represented by one representative 
  • It’s not exactly like our individual voices were going to be heard loud and clear, not to say equally

Second, 2010 and a Population of 306 Million, Plus 1%  Per Year

  • Again, 50 states, 100 senators and 435 house members for a total of 535 representatives
  • And again divide these total representatives by 306 million
  • That is an average of approximately 572,000 people for every representative in Congress 
  • So if each individual was not being heard very well or fairly in 1960, how well do you think we are being heard in 2010 
  • That is a staggering 48% percent drop in average representation, and it is declining everyday 


From Limited Representation to Bribery By Another Name

Do you think those numbers are any indication why it has become so common for individuals to form lobbying and other interest groups to band together with huge amounts of money to sway members of congress?   

What about the “average Joe” that can’t afford to join a lobby group or has no interest in doing so?  How much influence do you think he or she has on issues and policies?

So simple math, big problem. All of it our own making.  Those eye-popping numbers are why so many voters have simply given up on the political process after being buried by the consequences.   

  • The fact is, it’s money and power which makes a difference  
  • We are beginning to get an idea how most Native Americans, African-Americans and women must have felt before the 1960’s
  • This is a system driven not by the individuals it is supposed to represent, but by interest groups that can afford to wield influence 
  • It may go by the name of lobbying and freedom of speech, but in reality it is something more akin to bribery. 
  • It offends any thinking person’s sense of fair play and ethics. 


What the Future Holds

Even more disturbing though is the trend toward greater and greater population growth.  It is predicted that if the rates of population growth in the United States continue, we could see 400 million people by 2050. 

The result of that compelling number is a  ratio of almost 750,000 people per representative. 

  • Increasing populations will continue to dilute much of an individual’s power to elect and influence their senators and representatives
  • If you are feeling lost and abandoned now, just give it a few more years and all of us will be even more marginalized
  • If you need any examples of that scenario today, take a look at China, India and Pakistan

That should give everyone a reason to pause and consider!



Overpopulation and War

That was f**king Iraqi Freedom.  Rip through this bitch shooting anything that moves from your window.  That’s what I call freedom.


All religious stuff aside . . . the fact is people who can’t kill will be subject to those who can.

The f**ked thing .  .  .  is the men we’ve been fighting probably came here for the same reasons we did, to test themselves, to feel what war is like.  In my view it doesn’t matter if you oppose or support war.  The machine goes on.  

Generation Kill

The Machine

Unfortunately, the “machine” does go on and on.

  • It is unbridled momentum that fuels the great economies and pits great and lesser states in a parade of military actions
  • It ultimately always seeks to protect the more privileged and better armed 
  • It has always been a never-ending need for more and more resources 
  • Those resources are finite, and no matter how much technology expands it will not satiate the ongoing demand by larger and larger populations
  • Those larger populations will always be pushing their momentum along the path of war and destruction to gather and control what they feel is rightfully theirs 

The Many Facets of Freedom

Freedom can only be determined and defined by the circumstances in which you find yourself. 

The major powers are sure that their view of freedom will prevail, and they have the devastating military might to show more humble powers the errors of their viewpoints. 

Most feel powerless to resist that which is unstoppable. 

Confused and fearful, those able to kill do so recklessly and without restraint, while we all shun the inevitable truth that individually we have lost control of our own humanity. 


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