Growing Cities and Wildlife

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity … and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.

William Blake

This brief video, Overpopulation vs Nature, depicts striking images of animals adapting to urban encroachment on their habitats.  The musical score adds a haunting tension to the theme.

Urban Sprawl and Degradation

It is truly impossible to divorce ourselves from our daily encroachment on other worlds around us that are constantly being impacted by our inability to control our ongoing population sprawl and environmental degradation.

  • We simply cannot deny the direct correlation between our increasing presence on this planet and the destruction of habitats critical to the survival of other species
  • What looks to be at first glance to be insignificant changes in a multitude of  areas around this country, add up quickly to a picture of immense interference and breakdown of eco-systems crucial to the survival of the natural world   
  • But most importantly for all of us will be the grinding deterioration of our quality of life and ultimately our own self-destruction 

Imagine a World Without Nature

To preserve and protect the natural world means some sacrifices and a conscious effort by all to control our numbers. 

Imagination is key.

The payback is not only morally sound, but provides for a future full of hope and beauty rather than a tarnished, lonely world and our final passing.

If you poison the environment, the environment will poison you.

Tony Follari


Video Credit: humanbeing777 You Tube

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