Immigration Reality: Roy Beck


To everything there is a season, to every wave a limit, to every range an optimum capacity. The United States has been fully settled, and more than full, for at least a century. We have nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by allowing the old boat to be swamped.

Edward Abbey


A Compelling Agrument for True Immigration Reform

 Roy Beck, using a simple visual, puts immigration into perspective.

The United States has one million legal immigrants per year.

Arguments for Present Levels of Immigration

  • Rescue people in great poverty
  • A safety valve for poor and overpopulated countries
  • A need for skilled labor

Immigration Today is a Failed Policy

  • Twenty-five percent of our legal immigration is the poor from Mexico
  • There are 4.6 billion other people in the world living in equal or greater poverty than people living in Mexico
  • Third world countries add an additional 300 million more people every year

Taking in one million people every year is insignificant in terms of relieving or solving poverty.

Help Other Countries, Not Encourage Immigration

Siphoning off the very best minds from other countries is counterproductive to those countries.

Taking in unsustainable levels of immigrants only weakens our own economy and prevents us from further helping the countries to stabilize their own populations and economies.

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