Fewer Numbers More Solutions

I’ve never seen a problem that wouldn’t be easier to solve with fewer people, or harder, and ultimately impossible, with more.  

                                              Richard Attenborough

Less People More Potential Solutions

  • What is so difficult to understand about solving problems with less variables than more
  • Do we really need to populate this country and the world to the point where it is so complex and inundated with greed, corruption and calamity that there will ultimately will be no real solutions available to us
  • Are we so blind or unfeeling to the misery and poverty that populates fifty percent of the world, including substantial populations in our own country, that we simply refuse to acknowledge it
  • Or do we justify it by refusing to take responsibility and relinquishing it to some uncaring deity
  • Are we so caught up in our own self-indulgent consumerism that we really believe that we have the right to plunder both resources and the environment, and leave the rest of the starving and war-torn world to pick through the scraps
  • Do we really believe that our privileged status is justifiably earned on the backs of others, while we go on procreating, adding even more while compounding the problems we refuse to take responsibility for

The Fine Line Between Catastrophe and Concessions

Have we really reached the tipping point where we know nothing of sacrifice and common sense?

Issues may be resolved, but only if less is more.


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