More People Everyday

Overpopulation is with us every minute of our lives! 

Whatever event, large or small, that is happening  in the United States or the world, one thing will always be occurring right along with everything else in our lives – overpopulation. 

It never ceases, never takes a break, carries on no matter what.

Because of it’s relentless momentum it is subtle, steadily and incrementally making our lives, communities and culture more complex, dibilitating and less personal. 

So we are continually fighting the numbers thing.

Mainstream Meaningful Statistics

Recently, while stuffed into a packed airplane, I was perusing USA TODAY and I happened to catch their Snapshots piece on the front page.

Much to my amazement I found a telling summary of  what this country and the rest of the world faces on a daily basis. 

For you doubters of numbers and statistics the source is the Population Reference Bureau from August 2009.  Read on. 

World Population Changes Per Day

  • More – Developed Nations: (United States and Europe)  Births:  + 39,340  
  • Deaths:  – 33,636    
  • Net Result:  + 5,704
  • Less – Developed Nations: (The rest of the world)  Births:  + 341,343 
  • Deaths:  – 120,019 
  • Net Result:  + 221,324

 A Staggering Grand Total of 227,000 Additional People Per Day

And I leave you with this, that Grand Total will increase tomorrow, and the next day, and the next and on into the future.


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