How Many Can Live On Planet Earth? Pt 5

Part five of this six part series begins with the fact that we now need 1.5 earths to support our current lifestyles around the planet. In other words we are living beyond our means for the environment to support our growing population. 

There are only three ways to reduce our impact on a rapidly depleting environment: stop consuming, change the rate and focus of technological development, or reduce population growth. We certainly should do all three.

In 1979 China instituted their One Child policy with heavy fines for people that have more than one child. It has reduced their population today by 400 million people. That is a greater number than the total population of the United States today (310 million).

But the most effective way to reduce populations is through education, particularly for women, and universal access to contraception and family planning.  Educated people choose to have smaller families, and available contraception is the prerequisite technology.

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