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What overpopulation has done - and might very well do!

What overpopulation has done - and might very well do!

James Hopkins, in his essay Human Population Crisis, gives a lucid and compelling argument explaining the principle of exponential growth combined with the difference between quantity and quality. 

How much have we contributed toward humanely contolling our number and preserving the environment? Nature is a balance of existence. In order to coincide with nature, we must balance the saving and extending of lives with the number of lives which we produce. We mustn’t use resources any faster than they can be reproduced. We need to respect ourselves by learning to respect the environment which we rely upon for our own existence. If not, we will cease to exist.

James Hopkins

But not until the coda appears does the reader truly understand the depth of our dilemma.

            In the end it all comes down to, You Reap What You Sow!

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