Overpopulation and War

That was f**king Iraqi Freedom.  Rip through this bitch shooting anything that moves from your window.  That’s what I call freedom.


All religious stuff aside . . . the fact is people who can’t kill will be subject to those who can.

The f**ked thing .  .  .  is the men we’ve been fighting probably came here for the same reasons we did, to test themselves, to feel what war is like.  In my view it doesn’t matter if you oppose or support war.  The machine goes on.  

Generation Kill

The Machine

Unfortunately, the “machine” does go on and on.

  • It is unbridled momentum that fuels the great economies and pits great and lesser states in a parade of military actions
  • It ultimately always seeks to protect the more privileged and better armed 
  • It has always been a never-ending need for more and more resources 
  • Those resources are finite, and no matter how much technology expands it will not satiate the ongoing demand by larger and larger populations
  • Those larger populations will always be pushing their momentum along the path of war and destruction to gather and control what they feel is rightfully theirs 

The Many Facets of Freedom

Freedom can only be determined and defined by the circumstances in which you find yourself. 

The major powers are sure that their view of freedom will prevail, and they have the devastating military might to show more humble powers the errors of their viewpoints. 

Most feel powerless to resist that which is unstoppable. 

Confused and fearful, those able to kill do so recklessly and without restraint, while we all shun the inevitable truth that individually we have lost control of our own humanity. 


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