Fear and Anger

Image Credit: White Williams

When anger is on the throne, reason takes to its heels.  He who is influenced by anger is like one intoxicated with a strong liquor.  He loses his memory, his understanding becomes clouded and his intellect gets perverted.          

Swami Sivinanda, Bliss Divine


Overpopulation Creates a Troubled Culture

  • The United States suffers from rapidly diminishing natural resources and a deteriorating ecosystem and environment
  • We have a struggling beleaguered market economy unresponsive and meaningless to many 
  •  It is not surprising we find ourselves in a constant state of flux, instability, neurotic responses and confusion  
  • Instead of confronting our problems, we deny our own culpability and angrily look to others as the cause of our problems
  • Conspiracy theories and fringe political groups dominate our decisions and life choices


Salvation Means Sacrifice

 The result of all this angst is a populace anchored not by individual efforts to reform our lack of discipline and self control, but letting others exploit our fears and uncertainties for their own political and financial gain.  This is a “feeding frenzy” of immense proportions.

  • Oftentimes we are naive enough to believe we have somehow risen above the natural world
  • Technology has become our “fools gold”, and like Moses will lead us to the promised land
  • In fact technology ensnares us, constantly driving us from the course of restraint and stability

Instead of salvation we find disillusionment, and disillusionment is the mother of anger; which once tapped is an emotion without limits for its power to bring even more uncertainty and random violence to a country and world needing less rather than more.

From the Outer to the Inner

The West’s belligerency increases as our numbers increase and we move steadily away from controlling and reigning in our desires and frustrations. 

Our growing population escalates frantically from wishes and wants to demands and rights, shamelessly marketed as hopes and dreams. 

But it is not the material world that will lead us out of danger, but only the spiritual which lies dormant within. That spiritual calm awaits when we are determined and dedicated enough to seek more rational and enlightened possibilities.


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Overpopulation and War

That was f**king Iraqi Freedom.  Rip through this bitch shooting anything that moves from your window.  That’s what I call freedom.


All religious stuff aside . . . the fact is people who can’t kill will be subject to those who can.

The f**ked thing .  .  .  is the men we’ve been fighting probably came here for the same reasons we did, to test themselves, to feel what war is like.  In my view it doesn’t matter if you oppose or support war.  The machine goes on.  

Generation Kill

The Machine

Unfortunately, the “machine” does go on and on.

  • It is unbridled momentum that fuels the great economies and pits great and lesser states in a parade of military actions
  • It ultimately always seeks to protect the more privileged and better armed 
  • It has always been a never-ending need for more and more resources 
  • Those resources are finite, and no matter how much technology expands it will not satiate the ongoing demand by larger and larger populations
  • Those larger populations will always be pushing their momentum along the path of war and destruction to gather and control what they feel is rightfully theirs 

The Many Facets of Freedom

Freedom can only be determined and defined by the circumstances in which you find yourself. 

The major powers are sure that their view of freedom will prevail, and they have the devastating military might to show more humble powers the errors of their viewpoints. 

Most feel powerless to resist that which is unstoppable. 

Confused and fearful, those able to kill do so recklessly and without restraint, while we all shun the inevitable truth that individually we have lost control of our own humanity. 


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