The Scream

 Why is this man screaming? *


  • It couldn’t be because the world’s population will reach 7 Billion people this year
  • It couldn’t be because we we will have 9-10 Billion people on the planet by 2050
  • It couldn’t be because the United States’ population is 310 million and will most likely reach 400 million around 2050
  • It couldn’t be because the United States will now and in the future be expected to, totally or in some fashion, subsidize, feed, and clothe at least 3 Billion of the world’s population
  • It couldn’t be because archaic growth economies are supposed to grow the world out of poverty, when in fact they only create more conditions for grinding poverty and inequality
  • It couldn’t be because as we become more dependent on technology we have fewer options and less control
  • It couldn’t be because we go to war in the name of freedom and equality, but in fact we go to war to protect and guarantee dwindling natural resources
  • It couldn’t be because as more and more people inhabit the planet, the problems increase geometrically in their complexity and, consequently, solutions become less and less a possibility
  • It couldn’t be because we are destroying the very environment that keeps us all alive
  • It couldn’t be because overpopulation is the root cause for all the major problems of not only this country, but particularly the rest of the world, and most of us seem to not even care or take notice


So, why aren’t we ALL screaming?


*The Scream: 1893: Edvard Munch

Remember: One Billion people = 1000 Million people






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